Paramore's 'Playing God' Video: Coming Home, Coming Full Circle

New clip was shot at Hayley Williams' house in Franklin, Tennessee.

Paramore's Brand New Eyes was released nearly 14 months ago, spawned something like five singles, sent the band around the world and went gold in the U.S. All that is the prologue to their new "Playing God" video, which — though it never expressly states as much — feels very much like the band coming full circle, tying up loose ends and probably putting Eyes to bed for good.

Of course, I'm just speculating about all that. It's entirely possible Paramore may still wring a single or two out of Eyes, but I sort of doubt it. Especially since everything involving the "Playing God" clip — which premiered Tuesday (November 16) on the band's website — seems to suggest otherwise.

It was shot entirely at frontwoman Hayley Williams' house in Franklin, Tennessee, the same house she gave MTV News a tour of last year, in the week leading up to Eyes' release. There are moments — particularly those that feature her bandmates tied up in her basement, a single light bulb dangling over their heads — that recall the video for "Ignorance," which was the first single from the album (and was also shot, in part, at Williams' house). In one scene, Williams can be seen examining old band photos, and in another, she performs in front of the mirrors that not only hang in her guest room, but adorn the back cover of Eyes (they were bought at the Franklin Goodwill, BTW).

The message — at least to me — appears clear: Paramore are returning home, looking back, wrapping things up. "Playing God" is a bittersweet, sentimental thing, a scrapbook of the past year of their lives, and the final chapter in the Brand New Eyes saga. It's a story that began with the band's future severely in doubt and concludes with them stronger, happier and better than ever. So if "God" really is the end of the BNE line, well, then it's a fitting farewell. It's time for the band to turn the page, to move on. It was a heck of an album and a heck of a ride, and I can't wait to see where they go from here.

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