Far East Movement Recruited By Roger Sanchez For '2gether'

Exclusive music video premiere gives B-52's 'Love Shack' new life in club remix.

It's "Love Shack" all over again. Twenty years after the B-52's went cruising down an Atlanta highway in search of that infamous little love getaway, the party anthem of the late 1980s is back, thanks to house legend [artist id="1189269"]Roger Sanchez[/artist]. It has a fresh new twist and features a little group you might know called Far East Movement. MTV News caught up with Sanchez recently for an exclusive chat about the project.

"I was playing the original version of '2gether' last summertime as one of my exclusive tracks in my sets at 'Release Yo'self' in Ibiza, and the energy and response I got from that was amazing!" Sanchez said." The people from Interscope, specifically Martin Kierszenbaum, said, 'Hey, listen, I've got this hot new band I really want you to check out — see if you want to do a [collaboration] with them,' and he sent me the Far East Movement stuff," with which Sanchez said he fell instantly in love.

Inspired by what he heard, Sanchez decided to hook up Kev Nish of Far East Movement and sent him the original mix of "2gether" to start playing around with. "The way we've been working is that I'll send him stuff, and he sends me back the a cappellas, and they absolutely slayed that track. From then until now, I finished the ["2gether"] mixes, and all of a sudden G6 just completely exploded."

"Like a G6" became a late summer smash that transcended both the airwaves and the clubs, further blurring the line between EDM and the mainstream. Skyrocketing from virtual obscurity to the top of the iTunes charts, FEM has drawn praise from their fans and peers alike. "I'm very proud of what they've been doing," says Sanchez, "because they really have their own unique style and their own vibe and they're really cool."

The video takes fans across the globe, quite literally bringing people "2gether" with music. From the young street performer in New York wailing on his drums, to the Aboriginal Australian dancing in Sydney, the visuals personify the vibe and flawlessly illustrate the unity of the global dance community.

"We're connecting people from around the world and bringing everyone together so you see places like me in Ibiza at Amnesia, [and] Far East Movement going to an event in L.A.," Sanchez explains. "So we're kind of drawing everyone together. It's a real party vibe. One of the most important things was to convey the vibe or what really goes on at events and how we bring people together with music."