Emma Watson Offers To 'Take Off' Her Dress At 'Harry Potter' Premiere

Plus: She tells MTV News she wishes Hermione had played a Quidditch game.

In the weeks leading up to the release of [movie id="342213"]"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1,"[/movie] much of the hype has surrounded where the first film ends and how much it might have strayed from the books. But when it came to the movie's New York premiere Monday night (November 15) and MTV News' live stream of the event, a considerable amount of our viewers were fixated on Emma Watson's newly shorn locks and her lovely red-carpet dress.

When we caught up with Watson just before she ducked into the theater, we informed her that 90 percent of our viewers had given her wardrobe choice — a specially made Calvin Klein gown — an enthusiastic thumbs-up in an MTV News online poll.

"Awww, really? Wow, that's such a high percentage!" she exclaimed. "Wow, I aced it, obviously. That's great."

While 90 percent is definitely a high number, what might she do in order to get the full 100 percent of viewers' approval? "I don't know, take it off?" she quipped.

Then, of her daring new 'do, we asked if she had any more drastic changes planned — to which Watson replied that she'd have to shave her head to get any more drastic.

Regarding the actual film she was there to promote, however, we wondered if there were any things left undone or unexplored by her character, Hermione.

"I wish I got to play a Quidditch game," she said. "Hermione is not really the athletic type, but I wish I got to ride on a broomstick."

Meanwhile, co-star Daniel Radcliffe wished Harry had laced up some skates with primates. "I didn't get to do any ice skating with monkeys," he joked. "There's not much of that in these films, unfortunately."

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