Nicki Minaj Thought 'Your Love' Leak Would 'Ruin' Her Career

'I didn't like the song, and I didn't put it out,' she recalls to Billboard of eventual #1 hit.

Not everyone is cut out for every job, and Nicki Minaj is pretty sure she was meant to be an MC, not a waitress.

"I worked at Red Lobster ... and I chased a customer out of the restaurant once so I could stick my middle finger up at her and demand that she give me my pen back," the MC recalled to Billboard for the magazine's latest cover story. "I swear to God, I was bad."

Aside from her early days working in an office and at Red Lobster, the Harajuku Barbie also delved into some things she viewed as career pitfalls but were actually blessings — like the unplanned release of her first #1 single, "Your Love."

"I didn't like the song, and I didn't put it out," she said. "Someone stole it out of the studio and put it on the Internet, and I cried because I was mortified. I was humiliated and remember telling Drake, 'This is going to ruin my career.' "

But the leak didn't end her career; instead, it hit the top of the Billboard Rap Songs chart and #4 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Nicki credits Lil Wayne with helping her see the forest through the trees and giving her a dose of tough love.

"I started to record by myself, and I lost track of what I was doing and who I wanted to be," she said, admitting that she quit Wayne's I Am Music Tour to her detriment. "It wasn't until I linked back up with Wayne that he gave me this speech. He said, 'What happened? You were hot,' and it just hurt me so much. I wanted to prove to him that I was still hot. It hurt my ego so bad that I went back with a vengeance."

Now, a bucket of water couldn't cool the fire swirling around Nicki Minaj. The rapper's debut album, Pink Friday, hits stores next Monday, and her new single "Roman's Revenge" featuring Eminem is climbing the charts.

Can you imagine Nicki Minaj waiting tables at Red Lobster? Do you think she chose the right career path? Let us know in the comments!