Cee Lo Is ‘Living For The Weekend’ On ‘Bright Lights, Bigger City’

'It's kinda got that 'working-class hero' quality,' he tells MTV News of second single from The Lady Killer.

Three years ago, when [artist id=”1163841″]Cee Lo[/artist] started stringing together the songs that would eventually become his Lady Killer album, he had just one goal in mind.

“I sent disclaimers out [to producers],” he smiled. “I said, ’I want something that sounds like big, black James Bond.’ ”

Of course, James Bond would probably never cut a record like “F— You,” but the message was clear: Cee Lo was looking for something classy and brassy and even a little bit flashy. For proof, check out “Bright Lights, Bigger City,” the second single from Lady Killer, because it is very much all those things … and then some.

Then again, according to Cee himself, there’s nothing particularly classy, brassy or flashy about the song — or the rather amazing video — at all. To him, it’s less of a tuxedo tune and more of a blue-collar anthem, telling the kind of story that’s been told by everyone from Johnny Paycheck to, uh, Johnny Kemp.

“This song, I think, just has a broader appeal, because it’s just not talking about me, it’s talking about us,” he told MTV News. “It’s a song about the nightlife and just kinda being out and living for the weekend.

“[And] it’s kinda got that ’working-class hero’ quality too; I reference, you know, songs like Johnny Kemp’s ’Just Got Paid,’ ” he continued. “So it’s a story that’s been told before, and it’s so true to life. … We all work pretty hard throughout the week, and Friday and Saturday, you know, will always be special, so this is just a song to commemorate that.”

Though “Bright Lights” is the new single, it seems that the rest of the world still isn’t quite done with “F— You.” William Shatner just performed a version of the song on “Lopez Tonight,” and on Tuesday night, Gwenyth Paltrow will tackle the radio-friendly “Forget You” on “Glee.” Then again, for a dude who knows a thing or two about blue-collar struggle, those are what’s known as “good problems.”

“I really am just flattered,” Cee Lo told MTV News . “I’m like, ’That’s just, that’s too awesome.’ ”

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