Jay Electronica Drops New Music With Jay-Z

Latest Roc Nation member releases a pair of new tunes online: 'The Announcement' and 'Shiny Suit Theory.'

It's only been a few days since Jay Electronica inked a deal with Jay-Z, and the New Orleans native has been more productive than he had been in months. The new Roc Nation signee released a pair of records online, beginning with "The Announcement" over the weekend and "Shiny Suit Theory" featuring Jay-Z on Monday (November 15).

On the former, the eccentric lyricist uses a sample of the iconic moon speech John F. Kennedy delivered to Congress.

"Romancing the stone, the Roc, the throne," JE spits over the sparse production. "The elegant celebration/ Sent tremors through every nation/ The stars aligned like cars at Grand Central Station."

On Friday, Jay Elect and Jay-Z hosted a cadre of music-industry insiders at Manhattan's the Box to announce the nomadic MC's new recording home. The pair teased a collaboration, which turned out to be "Shiny Suit Theory." On the track, the two trade rewind-worthy rhymes over a rollicking, brassy horn loop.

"Me and Puff, we was chillin' in Miami/ He said, 'N---a, f--- the underground, you need to win a Grammy/ For your mama and your family,' " Elect raps. " 'They need to see you shined up/ You built a mighty high ladder, let me see you climb up.' "

"In this manila envelope, the results of my insanity," Jay-Z raps. "Crack said I crossed the line 'tween real life and fantasy/ Can it be the same one on covers with Warren Buffett/ Was ducking the undercovers, was warring with mother----ers/ Went from warring to Warren, undercovers to covers/ If you believe in that sort of luck, your screws need adjusting."

As of press time, a release date for Jay Electronica's major-label debut album had not been set.

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