Bill Clinton Films Appearance For 'Hangover 2'

Former president stopped by the Thailand set to shoot cameo over the weekend.

Mel Gibson might be out, but "The Hangover 2" just got another major cameo in the bag.

According to People magazine, former President Bill Clinton will play himself in the sequel to last year's blockbuster comedy, currently filming in Thailand. While Clinton was in the region giving speeches on clean energy and meeting world leaders, he dropped in and shot a brief appearance in the Todd Phillips-directed film. There's no word on what the scene involving the 41st U.S. president is about, but Clinton joins the likes of Mike Tyson, whose Phil Collins-crooning cameo in the first film became one of its most memorable scenes.

Gibson was dropped from the film and replaced by Liam Neeson, who will be joined by another esteemed actor on the cast, which includes Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and "Real World: San Diego" alum Jamie Chung. Deadline Hollywood reported that Paul Giamatti has signed on to join the cast in Thailand as well. Details are also scarce on what role the "John Adams" star will be playing in the film.

The new cast faces could help finally put the Gibson controversy to rest. The troubled actor, whose career has been put in deep freeze in the wake of a series of leaked profanity-laced recordings that allegedly featured his voice, was dropped from the movie last month, shortly after the news of his cameo as a tattoo artist emerged.

"Regret is the wrong word, but I was surprised in some way by the reaction," Phillips told MTV News earlier this month of the response to Gibson's casting and replacement. "I think in that community in Hollywood, we've often seen — and I certainly have empathy for people that have struggled, whether it's alcohol addiction in [Gibson's] case or whatever it may be, there is empathy. I was a little bit surprised by people, and I'm not even talking about our family, the 'Hangover' family. I'm talking about the outside world's sort of lack of empathy."

Though Galifianakis was rumored to be one of the "family" members who objected to the Gibson cameo, he told the "Today" show that he had nothing to do with the actor's replacement. "I do not consult on the movies that I'm in. I just show up and I say my lines, usually terribly, and I do consult on dialogue," he explained on the morning show. "But as far as hiring and firing of actors, I have no insight into that world whatsoever."

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