'Green Lantern' Trailer Teaser Surfaces

'Entertainment Tonight' premiered 30-second clip ahead of full trailer premiere on Tuesday.

The countdown to the "Green Lantern" is closing in on a notable milestone: the premiere of the film's trailer.

The trailer for the 2011 release is slated to drop next week, but "Entertainment Tonight" recently previewed the clip, which gives fans a glimpse of a muscle-bound Ryan Reynolds all suited up in the emerald uniform.

The show's teaser shows Reynolds whipping out of his Hal Jordan street clothes and into his superhero garb in a flash, dashing about in his underwear, wielding his super-powerful ring, dropping in on foes and interacting with his co-star "Gossip Girl" Blake Lively.

The preview also shows Reynolds' "Green Lantern" costume in action, a sartorial choice that divided fans who wondered if the look was too much of a departure from the superhero's classic crime-fighting apparel. However, the film's star welcomed the dialogue kicked up by the suit's revamp.

"There has to be a little healthy debate about it," Reynolds told MTV News at Comic-Con in July. "I mean, that's important. If it were just slanted one way or the other, I don't think it would be that satisfying."

The trailer isn't the first time fans have gotten a chance to check out advance footage of the flick. Comic-Con attendees also previewed some of the Lantern's aerial swoops, checked out a glimpse of Peter Sarsgaard's turn as villain Hector Hammond and got a taste of Tomar-Re.

"The tone is light," director Martin Campbell explained of the film. "It has a lot of humor, but I think the relationships between all the characters are very real. We try to keep the action very real. ... It's my first superhero movie — unless you count James Bond."

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