Cee Lo 'Flattered' By Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Glee' Cover

Oscar winner tackles radio-friendly version of Cee Lo's 'F--- You' on Tuesday's episode.

[artist id="1163841"]Cee Lo's[/artist] potty-mouthed hit "F--- You" may lyrically flip off an old flame, but the crooner has nothing but love for the lady set to cover his jam on "Glee" Tuesday night. The singer said he's amped that Gwyneth Paltrow will belt his chart-topper when the Oscar winner guest-stars on the musically driven Fox smash.

"I really am just flattered ... that not only 'Glee' [covered it], but it was Gwyneth [singing]," Cee Lo told MTV News on Friday (November 12).

The singer, who recently dropped his latest solo effort, The Lady Killer, was surprised that the "Iron Man" star would be taking a stab at his catalog during her arc as a McKinley High substitute teacher.

"I didn't realize when we first did the clearances for it," he revealed. "I just thought that maybe it would be sung by the cast, but [it] turns out to be her. I'm like, 'That's just, that's too awesome.' "

In addition to busting out a PG version of Cee Lo's bawdy hit, Paltrow will also dip into the repertoire of another pop star and tackle Rihanna's 2007 dance-floor filler "Umbrella."

Although she's taking on a pair of pop&B smashes, Paltrow has already demonstrated her vocal chops in the country-music arena. Paltrow will make her "Glee" debut just about a week after her critically acclaimed performance of "Country Strong" at the 44th annual CMA Awards. Critics said the Hollywood superstar "held her own" and she even impressed country-music superstar Miranda Lambert, who said, "She sounded really country, I think. She seems very genuine."

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