Billy Ray Cyrus Bails On Interview After Divorce Question

Miley Cyrus' dad calls radio host 'very rude' for asking about split with Tish Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus doesn't seem ready to talk about his split from Tish Cyrus. Miley's dad sat down with the "Woody and the Wake Up Call" radio show on WCOL in Nashville on Tuesday to tape an interview when the show's host, Woody Johnson, asked the performer about the separation.

"Woody Johnson, God bless America [and] God bless our troops," he told the radio host in an audio clip posted on the show's website. "Woody Johnson, look at you. Oh, I ain't mad at you. Have a good day, brother," he added, before he can be heard walking off with the host asking, "Are you done now?"

On the same audio clip, Cyrus is heard telling someone, presumably Johnson, that it was "very rude" and that he "should be disgusted" for asking that question. Johnson then apologizes to the singer but says he "had to ask." The full interview is set to air Monday.

Earlier this week, Bret Michaels denied rumors that he and Miley's mom had an affair that may have led to the couple's separation. "I've been friends with her family forever," Michaels told "Fox & Friends." "It started out with me and Miley simply working on a song together. Her mom, Tish, likes 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn,' the first concert Miley ever saw was Poison, and so they wanted to remake it for the new record. ... When I was in the studio, Miley came in and sang on my song ... and that was it."

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