50 Cent 'Taking It Back To The Old 50,' Surf Club Producers Say

Plus: Freeway reunites with Jake One for Diamond in the Rough, in Mixtape Daily.

Behind the Beats: Surf Club's Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe

They're the production team behind Lil Wayne and Eminem's "Drop the World," and they have more range than Stephen Curry. Hit-Boy laced R&B diva Mary J. Blige with her stirring hit "Stronger," and Chase N. Cashe delivered the loopy "Pass the Dutch" to the Young Money crew.

"We're producers, and we lead a brand called the Surf Club. We're artists, we got writers and producers, so, you know, catch us everywhere," Chase told Mixtape Daily.

Next Wave of Flav

On 50 Cent: "I went to play him some music and vibe and hear where he was going with it," Hit-Boy said. "He's taking it back to the old 50. And he had some new records that were some different-sounding stuff too. I'm excited to see how people react to it, and hopefully we end up with some stuff on the album. I gave him some stuff he really loved. It's really a blend of the old 50 mixing with the new stuff that he's doing. It's crazy."

On Kent M$NEY and Chili Chill: "Kent M$NEY just dropped a mixtape, Becoming. Chili Chill is dropping a mixtape called Cold World," Chase said of their SC artists. "We got me and this guy producing for ... you name it, so continuous music coming from us, man."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From the Underground

Freeway is back in the lab working on the follow-up to his and Jake One's The Stimulus Package. The Philadelphia MC is locked in with Jack One again, but for the project, a mixtape titled Diamond in the Rough, he's reaching out to an array of beatsmiths.

So far, Jake One, Just Blaze, Don Cannon and B!nk have made the cut, according to the former Roc-A-Fella rapper.

"When you find a producer and you lock in with them, and when I first worked with Just Blaze, the chemistry was there," Free told us about putting together his projects. "Once you get that, every beat you get is crazy. It's easy. So that makes for good work.

"The majority of [the mixtape] is Jake," he added. "But I got some joints from Just, a couple from B!nk. He just brings that energy. I got some joints from Don Cannon. I'm just working and trying to put some things together."

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