Swedish House Mafia Are 'Jersey Shore' Fans

'They seem to have values,' Axwell tells MTV News about reality stars.

It should come as no surprise that the cast of "Jersey Shore" has made their passion for all things dance music known to their fans. From Snooki's tweets touting Kaskade as her favorite DJ to Pauly D's worship of David Guetta, the reality stars tend to know their stuff.

Little do they know that some of the biggest names in the dance-music community are actually fans of theirs too. In a recent interview with Swedish House Mafia here in New York, it became apparent that the fandom of MTV's smash series has crossed oceans, as Swedes Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso shared a good laugh and some sincere words about the Garden State's most well-known "family."

"I like them. I think they're funny!" Axwell told MTV News.

"They're really funny. I like them too!" Ingrosso added, laughing.

"I saw something from the new season: That guy Situation called to order some pizza in Miami, and they asked for the name. He said, 'Situation,' and the [pizza] guy is like, 'Sorry, what?' and he says, 'Situation!' and [the pizza guy] just hangs up. It was really funny!"

Interestingly, it's not the crazy things the "Jersey Shore" gang does or the circumstances they find themselves in that sparks Axwell's interest; it's the softer side of the household shenanigans.

"That's one thing that I actually notice: They seem to have values," Axwell said of the tanned and toned troupe. "There was this guy [Ronnie] together with another girl there [Sammi], and he was cheating on her, and one of the other guys [Situation] was really angry with him, and that says something about values."

OK, so maybe Axwell slightly misinterpreted that event (which was more like one of the Situation's attempts to pull a steal on his housemate). But nevertheless, the identity of the group as a family is truly recognized, even when the intentions of certain members of the Jersey eight might be ever-so-slightly skewed.

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