Kanye West's 'Today' Show Drama: Readers Weigh In

'I think Kanye went there with good intention and was derailed,' MTV News reader comments.

Just days before the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West is making national headlines, but for reasons he probably isn't too happy with.

During an interview with NBC anchor Matt Lauer on the "Today" show, the rapper shared his empathy with former President George W. Bush about being called a racist, but became visibly upset when the show played, while he was speaking, a clip of his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Not only did the incident send the hip-hop heavyweight on a full-blown Twitter rant, it also has received quite a reaction from MTV News readers.

"Yes, Kanye is an emotional guy ... but Matt was trying to prompt his answers and even though they play video under their interviews, it is rude, especially when someone is being especially serious," reader Deb writes. "I think Kanye went there with good intention and was derailed."

Acknowledging the West backlash, another reader, Jacque, says it was unnecessary to air the footage while the rapper was speaking. "Yes Kanye may be reaping from what he sowed, however that was rude to play the tape while he was talking," she writes. "Matt could have announced that they were about to play the tape either before or after Kanye answered Matt's question. That's how they normally do it. What changed?"

Others, such as Rich Reynolds, say most critics should lay off the Chicago MC, as he's just in tune with his feelings: "Take it easy, people. Kanye is an emotional guy, and has made some impetuous remarks, but he's not a bad or evil man, and should get a pass for speaking his mind. He's an 'artist' and has an artistic temperament.

So cut him some slack."

While some readers have come to Kanye's defense, many aren't too sure if the rapper's ego-trip ways are gone for good.

Longtime supporter Daniella says West can choose whether or not he wants to talk to the press. "You're in showbiz, you're a celebrity, and you choose to go in front of cameras and be interviewed," she writes. "What did you think would happen? You're a great artist and musician, I'm in awe of that with you. Can you just do what's best for you and not your public image, 'cause obviously you're ruining that by doing stuff like this."

Amanda shares similar sentiments, admitting that the pressures of celebrity may be catching up to the MC: "I truly admired and respected Kanye, but seeing this interview today, it saddens me to see such a talented young man lose it so fast and act so out of control over a normal thing on a talk show. He knew what he was getting into when he agreed to be on the show, he knew that issue would have been brought up."

Another MTV News reader explains that if West was apologetic of his past feelings, he should own up to the comments, regardless of whether they evoke positive or negative emotions.

"Kanye, if you really want to 'man up' then you need to man up. They were your comments in those clips, you said it, you need to own it, good, bad or indifferent," Kathy writes. "Maybe you need to look at those clips a little more often to remind yourself of who you say you are trying to be."

How do you think Kanye handled himself during and after the "Today" interview? Sound off below!