Pink Has 'Heartbreak Down' On New Track

Third new track from singer's greatest-hits collection leaks online.

The third new track from [artist id="710231"]Pink[/artist]'s greatest-hits album Greatest Hits... So Far!!! has hit the Web just days before the album's November 16 release. "Heartbreak Down" is a snappy yet vulnerable track about a lover who has managed to get under the singer's skin.

Pink's bravado is present in lyrics like "I like to think that I'm a pretty good kisser/ I like to think I maybe broke a few hearts." But on the song's chorus, she belts out, "All I wanted from you/ Was a night, maybe two/ You beat me at my own game/ Now, it's not okay/ I'm the one that's missing out/ All I needed to do/ Was get just a taste of you/ And now I'm sick all in my head/ You poisoned me instead/ Trust me, trust me, I think I got heartbreak down."

She later laments, "But now I'm waiting for a text, call, whatever/ What's gotten into me, besides you/ You're like a rush, you're like a drug, it's just the sight of you/ I like to think that I could kick you, but it's what you do."

Pink released two other new songs from the collection, "Raise Your Glass" and "F---in' Perfect." The album compiles Pink hits like "Get the Party Started," "So What," and "Don't Let Me Get Me."

Pink's version of "Whataya Want From Me," which she penned for Adam Lambert, has also surfaced online. While much of the instrumentation, including the jangly guitars on the intro, is the same as it is on Lambert's version, Pink adds her brassy vocals and innate sass to the track. There's also one tweak to the chorus: "It messed me up" is changed to "He messed me up."

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