Swedish House Mafia Talk Greatest-Hits LP Until One

'Swedish House Mafia obviously consists of us, solo and together, and we wanted to reflect that on the album,' Axwell tells MTV News.

On a particularly chilly afternoon in New York recently, international DJ/producer superstars Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello, collectively [artist id="3712675"]Swedish House Mafia,[/artist] paid MTV News a visit at our Times Square headquarters. The trio have certainly arrived in America, riding a colossal two-year surge in popularity, which is the subject of their new documentary, "Take One."

"Most of the stuff that's happened to us this year, I don't think we can grasp, because it's been so fast," Axwell confessed. "We thought 2009 was the peak: 'That sh-- doesn't get better than this.' But then it did."

Each producer is an accomplished veteran of the dance-music world, putting out their own super-singles and mixes and commanding tens of thousands of fans at shows around the world. But since childhood best buds Angello and Ingrosso joined forces with Axwell under the Mafia banner, their brand has been propelled into the upper echelon: 100,000 fans in attendance at Ultra Music Festival and 185,000 at Electric Daisy Carnival, both this year.

Just last month, fans voted the collective #24 on the DJ Mag top 100 poll (a popularity barometer for DJs around the world), certainly the first time a collective placed on the chart along with its individual members having their own placement (Axwell #10, Angello #14 and Ingrosso #16).

"The thing was, you weren't supposed to be able to vote [for] Swedish House Mafia," Angello said. "It was supposed to be split. I don't know how it worked."

"I don't know what happened," Axwell agreed. "But even so, we're just really happy to be on there. It just shows that we do something right: individually and as Swedish House Mafia."

And their rise in popularity certainly has not gone unnoticed. Earlier this year, the trio signed a record deal with EMI in the U.S., and their DJ Mag results came in just days after the release of their first album, Until One, a greatest-hits collection that also serves as the soundtrack of their documentary.

"Swedish House Mafia obviously consists of us, solo and together," Axwell said. "And we wanted to reflect that on the album. We have SHM songs, some of my biggest songs, Sebastian's songs and Steve's songs. And we've never made albums by ourselves as well, so we figured, 'Let's bring it all together in one.' "

Until One offers popular collective songs "Leave the World Behind" (the group's '09 hit with Laidback Luke and Deborah Cox), "One" (featuring Pharrell Williams) and their latest single "Miami 2 Ibiza" (featuring British rapper Tinie Tempah and named the "hottest record in the world" by BBC Radio tastemaker Zane Lowe in August) in addition to hits by the individual members.

The DVD for "Take One," documenting the group's recording process, will be available for purchase November 30.

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