Keyshia Cole Would 'Love' To Work With Eminem

'He made the hardest comeback for 2010,' the singer tells MTV News.

Nicki Minaj erupts into lyrical spasms on "Roman's Revenge," a fitful track that features Eminem, spewing murderous bars at breakneck speed. If that doesn't strike you as natural terrain for an R&B balladeer, then no one told [artist id="1244412"]Keyshia Cole[/artist].

The petite powerhouse recruited Minaj for her uptempo new single "I Ain't Thru," and now she told MTV News she wants a moment in the booth with Em.

"Me and [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] doing a collaboration?" she asked aloud, her red curls grazing her eyes as she savored the possibility on the set of her "I Ain't Thru" video. "I love that idea."

The Bay Area native revealed that she's a true fan when it comes to Slim Shady — and not just because they're labelmates.

"I just think he made the hardest comeback for 2010, and I support him all the way, and he's just dope, he's just dope," K. Cole said, raising a symbolic glass to the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust's pick for this year's Hottest MC in the Game.

Cole — a new mom who this year welcomed a son with Cleveland Cavaliers baller and fiancé Daniel Gibson — might be onto something. ("We'll have to make that come true," she said of teaming with Em.)

Just as pop&B superstar Rihanna wove a shared experience with relationship abuse into chart-topping accolades on Em's "Love the Way You Lie," Cole's own difficult history with a drug-addicted mother could prove to be common ground with Marshall Mathers, whose catalog is filled with raging diatribes about his mom. Keyshia's own troubled relationship with her biological mom was captured for three seasons on BET's highly rated "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is." Cole's mother Frankie's antics regularly made for blog fodder, and the network green-lit a spinoff, "Frankie & Neffe," which followed the matriarch and the star's sister's exploits and drew jeers from Cole.

The A Different Me songstress told us that although fans look to her for the soulful love ballads, she didn't shy away from delving into dark, twisted stuff on her upcoming album, due December 21.

"You will hear a lot of love from me," she said, but, "You will also know that I've been through some things, and I'm not ashamed of reflecting, OK?" she said seriously, before breaking into giggles.

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