Rachel McAdams Not As 'High-Strung' As Her 'Morning Glory' Character

'She's a go-getter,' actress tells MTV News about news-producer role.

Although many remember Rachel McAdams for her early breakout roles — as ruthless queen bee Regina George in "Mean Girls" and feisty Allie Calhoun in "The Notebook" — she has filled out her résumé with a slew of meaty and diverse films, a body of work that has kept her from being typecast.

In her latest film, "Morning Glory," McAdams stars alongside Hollywood heavyweights Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, who play a pair of antagonistic anchors on a struggling morning show. McAdams portrays the show's energetic up-and-coming news producer who tries to boost the ratings and rein in the reporters.

When MTV News caught up with McAdams recently, we wondered if she possessed the same intense energy and hustle as her character, Becky.

"I don't think I'm quite as high-strung," McAdams said. "I hope I'm not as [high-strung] as Becky is. She's a go-getter."

When asked in what instances she might share Becky's exuberance, McAdams cited her film work, specifically being able to play up the physicality of her spunky "Morning Glory" character.

"Well, my job. I love getting in there and being really physical. When it started to look like she was going to be fairly physical, [director] Roger [Mitchell] asked me to run around New York in high heels, and I love that stuff," she said. "So, yeah, that's I guess what I have that [high energy] for, but I don't manifest it the same way Becky did."

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