Anne Hathaway Brushes Off Jake Gyllenhaal/ Taylor Swift Romance Rumors

'I have been Jake's onscreen lover for many, many years,' she tells 'The Seven' of her 'Love and Other Drugs' co-star.

With Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal both in the middle of heavy promo tours — she having just released the blockbuster album Speak Now, allegedly chock-full of songs about her high-profile exes, and he making the publicity rounds with his “Love and Other Drugs” co-star Anne Hathaway — we knew their rumored romance would have to come up.

The first bit of question deflection occurred when Swift stopped by Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. “I’m always optimistic about love … always, sometimes,” Taylor said when asked how she feels about love right now.

The exchange that followed included DeGeneres giving Swift her unsolicited seal of approval. “It’s just y’all hanging out — this does not prove anything,” DeGeneres said after displaying a photo of the two out in public. “I’m just saying he’s adorable, and I like him very much, and so if that is the case that he’s your boyfriend, I think that’s fantastic.”

When Kevin Manno from MTV’s “The Seven” asked the same question of Gyllenhaal, Hathaway came to his rescue.

“I need to say, I have been Jake’s onscreen lover for many, many years, and I find it incredibly disrespectful to the lack of reality between us that you’re asking about something real right now,” Hathaway, who also co-starred with Gyllenhaal in “Brokeback Mountain,” said with only a half-serious edge in her voice. “Why would you do that?”

Needless to say, Gyllenhaal didn’t confirm or deny the rumors; he let Hathaway do all the talking.

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