Rihanna Dishes On Nicki Minaj Collabos

The singer opens up about working with the MC on both of their soon-to-be-released albums, Loud and Pink Friday.

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj's musical collaboration was so nice that they decided to do it twice. Not only did the dynamic duo pair up for a track on Rihanna's Loud album, but also on a tune for Nicki's debut, Pink Friday, both of which are out later this month.

When Rihanna sat down with MTV News recently to talk about her album, she confessed that the ladies have been in musical cahoots with one another for quite some time now. "We did work together on music for [Loud] as well as [for my 2009 release] Rated R," Rih explained. "It was the end of the album, but she was sending me these incredible songs. Like I wanted some up-tempo stuff from her that was kind of gangsta, but she sent me these ballads and they were beautiful and I couldn't believe that it was a female MC writing these songs. She's really talented and I want to work with her again."

Rihanna did eventually get her up-tempo gangsta track from Nicki in the form of "Raining Men," which appears on Loud. The club-banging, girl-power anthem combines Rihanna's pop-superstar swagger with Nicki's hip-hop it-girl swagger. Minaj adopts an island accent for her verse in the tune. Meanwhile, the chorus pretty much sums up the bravado of the heavily hip-hop-influenced track, as Rihanna sings, "Falling like the rain/ So we ain't running out/ Always raining men/ So what you worried about."

Rihanna was more tight-lipped about her contribution to Pink Friday, but she did say, "We also worked together on her album. I can't say ... actually, the reason I can't tell you is because I don't know the official title of the song. It might be 'To Fly,' I'm not sure if that's the confirmed [title]." It was later revealed that the track the pair worked was simply titled "Fly."

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