Lil Wayne's Arizona Attorney Breaks Down Probation

In an exclusive sit-down with MTV News, lawyer James Tilson says Weezy 'looked like he was in a very good place' on Friday.

YUMA, Arizona — Moments after Lil Wayne was whisked away from his legal proceedings in Yuma, Arizona, on Friday (November 5), MTV News sat down exclusively with Weezy's local counsel, James Tilson.

Tilson, the attorney assigned to Weezy's case in Arizona from the outset, broke down the details of his client's case as it winds down.

"Today was to sign papers at the probation department," Tilson said. "He was placed on unsupervised probation for 36 months. But because his residence is outside the state of Arizona, he has to file the paperwork and apply for interstate compact, which is a long way of saying he's gonna have to be supervised in another state. He doesn't really have supervision, he doesn't have an officer he has to report to, but there's a process of getting the probation switched from Arizona to Florida where his residence is."


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Tilson continued, "This is the beginning of that process. The paperwork was all signed [in Yuma], that'll be forwarded to Florida. He has counsel in Florida; they'll be taking care of that."

On Friday, MTV News also learned details of Wayne's probation terms, which include a provision that prohibits him from consuming or drinking "any substances containing alcohol" for three years.

As far as Wayne having to make another appearance in Arizona, Tilson said he doesn't foresee that being necessary.

"The case is over here and the probation will continue for 36 months unless we decide that there's reasons why it can terminate sooner," Tilson explained. The probation period, which includes the process of "getting all the conditions met and [provided] his behavior has been well and everything's fine, it could [end] sooner than that," he added.

For those who speculated that Lil Wayne's spirits might have been dampened by the prospect of a cross-country detour to settle his case in Yuma, Tilson argued otherwise.

"Actually, I thought he looked very up, he looked like he was in a very good place. He was glad to see his attorneys here. I got to share a little small talk with him. I asked him about some of the things we had talked about before — he seemed very good."

As for Wayne's next steps, "He will be back in Florida by Sunday and he has a reporting requirement by Wednesday, but the details we didn't get into," Tilson concluded.

MTV News has crews on the ground at all possible locations, so we'll be sure to update you on Wayne's latest moves.

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