Birdman Recalls First Post-Prison Conversation With Lil Wayne

'I love you, and let's go,' Weezy told Baby once he was freed on Thursday.

Cash Money head [artist id="1233850"]Birdman[/artist] was one of the first people to welcome Lil Wayne home from his prison bid Thursday, and the man who calls Weezy his "son" said their first post-jail conversation was about expressing love and living it up.

"We had Ms. Cita, his mama with us, [and] we let him embrace mama first," Birdman told Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy on Thursday after Wayne was released. Birdman said the superstar MC told him, "I love you and let's go. I'm ready to go. I wanna go eat, I wanna go chill, I wanna see the family. And after that, we gon' do what we do, we gonna pop bottles and look at these models."

Birdman also expressed his feelings about having Wayne back in the Young Money/ Cash Money fold, and thanked a higher power for Weezy's return.


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"I just looked at it like, 'Wow, man. God is great, ' " he said. "Almighty did it. I can't see nothing else. It's [an] exciting feeling. I know where we come from and I know where it comes from and we keep our faith and belief in God and keep working hard. We gonna keep trying to reach more and more goals."

In October, Birdman opened up to MTV News about how the YMCMB camp was holding up in Weezy's absence, and said the MC's prison bid was an unforeseen wrench in the crew's master plan.

"Everybody just working hard, energized about him about to come home," the Cash Money head said. "We worked, but him being gone — that was just a left turn in life. We wasn't expecting anything like that but we had to deal with it."

The New Orleans vet added that he was proud to see the viral "Free Weezy" movement take off and watch the careers of Young Money power players Drake and Nicki Minaj shoot toward the hip-hop stratosphere.

"The 'Free Weezy' campaign [has] been real natural," he explained. "The way Nicki and Drake's been able to grow, but at the same time they make sure that even as their stars are getting brighter — even [in concert] they said, 'When I say this, You say, 'Free Weezy.' As a businessman, you get to see two of your people grow."

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