Tina Fey Got 'Lightheaded' While Voicing 'Megamind' Character

'I would kind of hyperventilate,' she says of imagining falling off buildings and other action scenes.

Given all the high-profile names attached to animated films these days — particularly Dreamworks' upcoming "Megamind," featuring the vocal stylings of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and David Cross — it stands to reason that there is something highly appealing to the art of voice acting, aside from a great script and a paycheck, of course.

When MTV News caught up with two of the big names in question, Ferrell and Fey, we asked them to compare and contrast the arts of voice acting vs. regular acting.

"You can kind of look at it a lot of different ways," Ferrell said. "You are isolated [during the recording process], you're slightly on this island. But at the same time, you get this huge amount of creative freedom in terms of you can kind of go anywhere you want to. And that's the huge selling point of working on something like this."

Fey agreed, adding that she found certain action scenes in "Megamind" to be a lot more involved than she thought.

"Having to imagine that you're up on top of a building and falling off, and being caught and swept back up, and trying to imagine all that," she explained. "I can say that every time we had to do that stuff, I would kind of hyperventilate and get a little lightheaded."

"[You] almost pass out," Ferrell said.

Speaking of lightheadedness and playing supervillains, we had to ask Ferrell how a meeting between Megamind and "Zoolander" baddie Mugatu would pan out.

"Well, I think Megamind would kind of run circles around Mugatu," Ferrell said. "He's just evil in the fashion world, so he doesn't really have any powers."

"Mugatu would probably respect Megamind's look, though," Fey offered.

"Yeah, they probably would become great friends," Ferrell said.

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