Lil Wayne Photo Shows MC Watching His Own Video

Weezy checks out his 'Steady Mobbin' ' clip, also featuring Gucci Mane, for the first time in latest post-prison picture.

Lil Wayne has been giving his fans glimpses of his first day of freedom with a series of pictures, and the latest shows the I Am Not a Human Being MC partaking in a little business and pleasure.

In the newest pic, which DJ Scoob Doo tweeted on Thursday (November 4), the megastar spitter checks out the video for his "Steady Mobbin' " collabo with Gucci Mane. The duo's respective legal entanglements forced the MCs to film each part of the video separately, and the picture shows Wayne viewing the clip, which premiered over the summer during Wayne's eight-month bid, for the first time; he also got a first glimpse at his "I'm Single" video.

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In the photo, Wayne views the video on a laptop resting on a grand piano and appears to be focusing intently on the clip, his plate of fresh fruit untouched and covered in plastic wrap. However, Weezy does appear to indulge in a smoke, clutching what appears to be a cigar, with a plateful of ashes lying by the computer.


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The photo is a snapshot of what is shaping up to be a busy 72 hours for the newly freed superstar. Young Money President Mack Maine informed MTV News during his "RapFix Live" interview that over the next few days, Wayne will hang out with family, fly to Arizona on Friday for a court date and celebrate his release with a blowout bash in Miami on Sunday.

"There's a lot of smiles, I'm pretty sure some people are gonna be crying. ... It's just going to be mixed emotions and a lot of just rejoicing," Maine said of the expected vibe among Weezy's inner circle as they welcome him back. "Everybody is going to be happy to see him, and of course, we have parties coming up."

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