Lil Wayne Requested Beats Just Before Leaving Prison

'Mack, I need beats,' Young Money president Mack Maine recalls Wayne pleading in final Rikers Island conversation.

Before he was released from prison Thursday (November 4), Lil Wayne made it clear he would be focused on one thing as a newly freed MC: music.

Young Money president Mack Maine revealed to MTV News, during his "RapFix Live" interview on Wednesday, that Weezy spent their final conversation while he was locked up just rhyming, pushing for tracks to jump on as soon he was out.

(For photos of Lil Wayne after his release from prison, click here.)

"He rapped to me. The whole time, he rapped. He rapped a lot of different songs and just kept telling me, 'Mack, I need beats.' So the main ... priority when he comes home is to make sure he has tracks," Maine said. The Young Money exec added that Wayne was in top form, sounding "crazy" and "amazing."

Maine described Wayne as "hungry" and maintained the MC's humility remains the key to his success.


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"Wayne treats every project like it's his first and that's way he keeps winning, [he] don't ever get comfortable," he said. "Wayne stays in the studio longer than anyone I know in the game."

Maine likened Weezy's superhuman work ethic to another superstar at the top of his game: NBA phenomenon Kobe Bryant.

"Kobe stays and practices, like, two hours after everyone leaves, after practice ends, and Wayne does the same exact thing. He might stay in the studio like 15 hours, like, honestly from 12 that night to like 1 the next day, the next afternoon," he said. Maine added that the megastar spitter goes at his craft "as if he never made a dollar from music."

Ultimately, Maine chalks up Weezy's enthusiasm to his love of the game.

"He really enjoys what he does," he said. "He doesn't treat it like work."

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