LCD Soundsystem's 'Pow Pow' Video Premieres -- Watch It Here!

Anna Kendrick collects men in sultry, mysterious new clip directed by filmmaker David Ayer.

The new video from LCD Soundsystem featuring their song "Pow Pow" packs a visual punch — partly because of the sultry set and production design, but mostly because of a mysterious story line starring protagonist Anna Kendrick.

The clip, which premiered on Thursday (November 4), opens with the words "at midnight, she came to collect the souls of men." Cut to the camera panning an elegantly organized array of accessories — earrings, bracelets, a bottle of eye drops, credit cards, contact-lens cases, makeup and so forth.

Kendrick is shown selecting a bracelet, placing it on her wrist and then magically walking through a wall before stepping into a convertible where a team of beefy bodyguards await.

The scene cuts to the interior of a fancy nightclub, where Kendrick's inexplicably powerful mystery lady wanders through the crowd looking surprised and delighted by her surroundings. She eventually finds a private cabana where a man and woman are sitting. The man, well-dressed in a fedora and suit, sees her and seems to know something is wrong. An older gentleman appears, presents the man with a paper to sign; he refuses. Kendrick then sits down next to him. As he inches away toward his date, she holds up her hand and releases a flash of magic!

In the next sequence, the mystery lady, along with the bodyguards, are back in the car, traveling to another location. The same drill is repeated at two other clubs, where two more men are "collected" and piled into the car.

All three men are dropped off at another location, where a judicial-looking man is ready to issue an edict of some sort. The three new recruits join a long line of collected men. Mystery lady enters, glowing and backlit and wearing a wedding gown — or so it seems — and smiles briefly at the men, until her smile turns to a menacing glare.

A quick cut to the opening shot of the elegantly organized accessories follows, only this time the camera pans over a set of brass knuckles and other ominous devices. Kendrick enters the frame once more, appearing in a different outfit, and we're led to believe she's embarking on another night of "collecting."

So ... everyone dies? Anna Kendrick is a collector of men's souls? We're going to have to think on this one a bit.

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