What's Next For Demi Lovato?

The Disney star is seeking care for personal issues, but she has a slate of TV and music projects in the works once she recovers.

[artist id="3079280"]Demi Lovato[/artist] is seeking treatment for what has been described as "emotional and physical issues," but the Disney star will have a number of high-profile gigs waiting for her once she recovers.

Lovato, who turned 18 in August, has always had a full docket of projects, between her music and acting careers. More episodes of the Disney Channel's "Sonny With a Chance" are headed down the pipeline, including a holiday episode set to air later this month that features a very special cameo from onetime tourmate and ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas.

But Lovato has also been focusing on her music, including an in-the-works third album. She's admitted that she wants to step away from her love of rock music and try out a more "radio-friendly" sound. She revealed some unexpected cameo ideas, too, when she spoke to MTV News this past summer.

"I would love for Drake to be on the album," Lovato shared. "It's kind of like a pipe dream. I would also like to do a song with Trey Songz. It would be hot! Yeah, it would be really good."

The singer added that she wanted to show off her big voice on the upcoming record. "It's really nice to embrace it," she said. "I grew up singing R&B and then I grew up listening to rock, so it was kind of weird. But I'm kind of learning how to incorporate the two and I'm having a good time with it."

Lovato has said she's open to following up the first two smash "Camp Rock" flicks with a third, maybe even on the big screen.

"We don't know! It could be. It could be the end," she teased MTV News about a "Camp Rock 3." "It could be the next chapter! I would love to see another 'Camp Rock' movie happen. That could be a really cool step. It might come to a point where we're all doing our own things or maybe it doesn't work because 'Camp Rock' is now closed. You never know, so you'll just have to find out," she revealed. "Maybe I'm just trying to throw you off."

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