Miley Cyrus' 'The Big Bang' Video Might Become Movie

Rock Mafia's Tim James reveals producers are working on story lines based on the clip, also starring Kevin Zegers.

Car crashes. Sexy make-out scenes. Ghostly visions. To sum it up, Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers got our hearts racing when they appeared as lovers in Rock Mafia's video for their retro-tinged track "The Big Bang." And, when MTV News spoke with Tim James, who sings the vocals on the track that his team, Rock Mafia, helped create, he teased there might be a bigger plan in the works.

"They're actually talking about a movie. I'm excited about that too," James dished. "There's a couple of producers putting together story lines and stuff. That's really exciting."

And, he says there's talk of Miley and Kevin starring.

As for the idea that Rock Mafia score the flick — that is, if Hollywood Crush can help broker the deal — James exclaimed, "Now you're really talking! Now you're making my day!"

Miley herself offered to appear in the video, which has fans' tongues wagging, for the production team who worked with her on "Can't Be Tamed," "Who Owns My Heart" and "See You Again."

"The whole idea was to do something different," James explained. "[The director] had such a cool vision for it ... the vision was to let it fly, let the chemistry speak for itself. When we were watching them shoot it, we were like, 'Wow, this is going to be really cool.'

"Kevin and [Miley] both brought their real acting game to it. ... The chemistry is not by accident. You can feel it, and it's intense," he continued. "I'm really proud of both of them."

And, he's just as proud of the song itself. "I wish they grew on trees," he joked. "I wish I had 100 of them like it. It's really a special record. We wanted to do something that was classic, that felt like an old vinyl from the '70s that nobody ever heard. It was an experiment in that aesthetic."

As for working with Miley, James has one thing he wants everyone to know: "There's nothing manufactured with that girl!"

"It's weird 'cause [the Miley in the video] is like the Miley that I'm used to hanging out with," he said. "So, it's cool that this [video] can give her a good look that I think has been underused.

"I'm stoked for her. She comes by the studio a lot and just jams with us — that's my favorite. She's so dope. People need to know it. What she can do is cool, so I'm really excited to let people see her artistic side. As she keeps growing, she's going to do cool stuff. She really is her own person."

Would you see a movie based on the "Big Bang" video? Tell us in the comments below!


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