Pink Releases An Anthem Celebrating Imperfections

'F---in' Perfect' forgives flaws and will appear on singer's forthcoming greatest-hits album.

[artist id="710231"]Pink[/artist] led her fans in a toast with her uptempo, underdog-celebrating single "Raise Your Glass." With her new single, which she released on her website, she wants them to know that they should look past their flaws and see themselves as "F---in' Perfect."

The track opens with Pink declaring her imperfections over a guitar accompaniment: "Made a wrong turn/Once or twice/ Dug my way out/ Blood and fire/ Bad decisions/That's alright/Welcome to my silly life," she sings. On the chorus, she gets motivational, singing, "Pretty pretty please/ Don't you ever ever feel/ Like you're less than f---in' perfect/ Pretty pretty please/ If you ever ever feel/ Like you're nothing/ You're f---in' perfect to me."

The ballad, a collaboration with producer extraordinaire Max Martin, is the second single from Pink's hits collection Greatest Hits ... So Far!!!, which comes out later this month.

In addition to the two new tracks, the the November 16 release will include a slew of radio favorites like "Get the Party Started, "Don't Let Me Get Me," "U + Ur Hand" and "Please Don't Leave Me." The deluxe version of the album, which also drops on November 16, will also include two songs from her 2008 smash Funhouse, "Funhouse" and "I Don't Believe You."

Pink recently spoke about the lyrical themes of her new songs, and how they serve as a sort of reflection on her career. "Instead of going and becoming a cover girl and endorsement girl and popular girl and having #1s, I kind of just hit the road and pounded the pavement ...

and became a touring artist," she told "You don't have to be popular when you're a touring artist — you just have to be good. And this is just a celebration and a thank you."

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