Lil Wayne 'Didn't Want Any Problems' Behind Bars

A Rikers Island source tells MTV News an often 'demure' Wayne welcomed visitors including Nicki Minaj, Diddy and Birdman.

Lil Wayne's incarceration is drawing to a close, and MTV News consulted a Rikers Island source who revealed to us just who came to visit the jailed MC during his eight-month stint.

"Nicki Minaj came through, of course Diddy came through a couple of times, Lauren London, these are people I saw," our source said. "Birdman had a posse with him, it was about seven guys."

According to Rikers Island rules, an inmate can only have a certain number of guests and "the max is three." And while many stopped by to see Lil Wayne, the New Orleans MC was only allowed one visit per week and those visitors were only permitted to stay for a maximum of one hour.


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The days that family and friends could see Weezy were also determined by a strict schedule. Wednesday and Thursday are reserved for late visits that run between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m., while Friday, Saturday and Sunday are set aside for early visits, starting at 7 a.m. and running until 2:30 p.m., our source said.

The Rikers insider also elaborated on Weezy's emotional arc during his imprisonment.

"At first he was lowly, demure, you know, down," the source recalled. "But then he seemed pretty OK, normal. Not too talkative because when we move them, we can't have any talking in the hallways."

Although some of the other prisoners may have interpreted Lil Wayne's silence as a slight, the MC was simply trying to establish a record for good behavior.

"A lot of people wanted to shout out at him and they thought he was dissing them because he was so high and mighty," the source shared. "But he was just following orders because he didn't want any problems."

Still, when he was allowed to mingle, the Rikers Island source said that Wayne interacted with the inmates in his "housing area," wrote on or played the card game Uno.

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