Lil Wayne's Daughter Wants Homecoming Party With Siblings

Weezy's ex-wife, Antonia 'Toya' Carter, says Reginae wants to welcome her dad home with a big family bash.

Lil Wayne is slated to be released from prison Thursday, and among the superstar MC's millions of fans, few are anticipating Weezy's return more than his family. Weezy's music family, the formidable Young Money/ Cash Money crew, is planning a major homecoming party for the hip-hop hitmaker; however, another, more low-key bash, helmed by the rapper's daughter, might be in the works.

When MTV News caught up with Wayne's ex-wife Antonia "Toya" Carter, she said their daughter Reginae wanted a party attended by all of her new half-siblings.

"She said that she wanted to celebrate her birthday when her dad comes home," Toya explained. Reginae, whose birthday is November 29, apparently wants to turn the entire month into a big family celebration that includes the mothers of all of Wayne's children. "She just wanted to get all her siblings together along with me, Lauren [London], Nivea, Sarah, everybody with her dad and just celebrate her birthday. We were all just gonna go to Miami or whatever and just spend some time with him, 'cause he's been gone for a while and she misses him like crazy. I will feel complete again when he comes home, 'cause it's like a lot of weight was shifted on me. She took it so hard, because her and her father have this great relationship and she's not able to talk to him when she wants to all the time. It kinda bothered her for a while, so it's gonna be a big relief. We all gonna be so happy when he comes home."


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Weezy's family has expanded pretty rapidly within the past few years, with the addition of children the rapper has had with actress London, singer Nivea and another unidentified woman. While the baby boom may seem like a situation rife with drama among the mothers, Toya insists there's no bad blood between the ladies.

"It's about the kids. We all have a great relationship. I've known Lauren for a long time; I've known Nivea for a long time. We always been cool in passing, like, 'Hey, how you doing?' It's never been any problem. Our kids are brother and sister, [so] we gotta put all that craziness, what people want us to do, to the side and come together," she said. "We can't be catty and act immature. We have kids that are involved in this. We all feel the same way. We want our kids to be close, and throughout this whole time Wayne did [in prison], we kept our kids together, and that's what it's all about."

As far as how Wayne will be after prison, Toya, who has known the MC since she was 11, maintained fans will see a "more positive" Weezy.

"I think he's gonna learn a lot from this whole situation, and he's gonna be a better person. He's gonna be more careful [about] different decisions," she said. "He's gonna make better decisions, because he knows how this affected his kids and his fans, and he cares about his fans and his kids and his family a whole lot."

Toya said that upbeat energy will likely shake up Weezy's new music.

"Wayne's music is mostly his life and the things he's going through, so it may be more positive. We never know how he's feeling inside. Whatever it is, he's always been the type to let that out through his music," she said. "We'll find out, but I know it's still gonna be hot, and he's gonna still bring the heat, 'cause he always do."

While Toya maintains that she and Wayne have a great relationship, she's moved on from just being Weezy's lady. She recently opened Garb, a clothing store in New Orleans, and she is following up her hit BET reality show "Tiny & Toya," which co-starred T.I.'s wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, with "Toya's Family Affair" next year. She's also releasing a book, "Priceless Inspiration," and launching a nonprofit called Visual Beauty.

She's moved on romantically as well and is in a committed relationship with Jive Records A&R executive Memphitz, who has discovered artists like T-Pain and now works with songstress K. Michelle. Toya coyly refused to confirm or deny whether the duo are engaged, but she does admit that he's "The One." While her new man is in the music industry, she said she's done dating hip-hop artists.

"I don't even look twice at rappers. I'm over that," she said. "You can't help who you fall for, but I try to stay away from rappers, 'cause me and Wayne have a good relationship and that's like a no-no."

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