Taylor Swift Thanks Fans For Speak Now Sales

Singer tweets after selling more than 1 million copies of album in debut week.

She did it. Taylor Swift's third album sold massively in its first week with a whopping 1,047,000 units moves. No one really doubted that the country pop chanteuse would sell well, but those kinds of numbers have only been reached by an elite group of artists. And on Wednesday (November 3), the Speak Now singer took to her Twitter to thank her fans for helping her achieve that milestone.

"I... Can't... Believe... This... You guys have absolutely lit up my world. Thank you," she tweeted.

Back in 2008, the singer released Fearless, an album that also reached the top of the charts but didn't burst out of the gates with as high a debut as Speak Now. Swift said she didn't dwell on the possibility that this album would top her last.

"Well, being a natural over-thinker and over-analyzer of life in general, I've kind of thought about all of that and, of course, the questions are always, 'How are you possibly going to top Fearless?' And, you know, the only thing that I can possibly do in life is live life, take it as it comes at me," she explained to MTV News before the album was released. "Try to process it the best way I can and make music that I'm proud of."

Her label boss, Scott Borchetta, noted that the superstar doesn't tend to think competitively when it comes to numbers. "She's certainly aware of those things, but she doesn't put it in the perspective of having to beat another artist," he said. "She loves it when she's successful and is still just as excitable as ever, but when a fan quotes a lyric back to her, she just loves it. For her, it's about her songwriting."