Lil Wayne's Prison Release: Round-The-Clock Coverage

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It's "Welcome Home Weezy" week here at MTV News, and every day we're going to be on WeezyWatch, updating you on everything Lil Wayne is doing, from his prison release in New York to the Cash Money superstar's scheduled travels across the country in the days immediately afterward.

We're deploying crews across the country, from Miami to Las Vegas and everywhere in between. Check back here, around the clock, for constantly updated coverage on Lil Wayne across our multimedia platforms, including articles, blog posts and TV segments on, and MTV.

(For photos of Lil Wayne after his release from prison, click here.)


· 08:32 p.m. [article id="1651905"]Lil Wayne Lays First Post-Prison Verse In New Photo[/article]
'Wayne picked up right where he left off with a 15-hour recording session,' MC's videographer, DJ Scoob Doo, tells MTV News exclusively.

· 05:30 p.m. [article id="1651889"]What's Next For Lil Wayne?[/article]
'Wayne is the type of person, he'll drop a song every day,' Baby tells MTV News.

· 01:10 p.m. [article id="1651850"]Lil Wayne's Young Money Talks Stepping Up During Prison Bid[/article]
'It's the most meaningful thing as CEO for you to go away and your team still holds you down,' Nicki Minaj tells MTV News.


· 08:37 p.m. [article id="1651804"]Lil Wayne 'Likes' His Facebook Friends In New Video[/article]
'Just know that I send 14 million thank-yous to y'all,' a smiling Wayne tells fans in new WeezyThanxYou video.

· 04:49 p.m. [article id="1651782"]Lil Wayne Collaborators Discuss Weezy's Future Plans[/article]
T-Pain, Cool & Dre and DJ Khaled dish about what may be in store for the superstar MC from the red carpet of his 'Welcome Home, Tunechi' party.
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· 02:48 p.m. [article id="1651765"]Drake 'Had To Suit Up' For Lil Wayne's Miami Party[/article]
'I'm here to have fun and celebrate a great, phenomenal, legendary man,' Drizzy tells MTV News.
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· 01:21 p.m. [article id="1651747"]Lil Wayne Welcomed Home Like A 'King' At Miami Bash[/article]
Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, T-Pain, Drake, Jay Sean and more celebrate in Miami.
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· 09:10 a.m. [article id="1651720"]Exclusive: Lil Wayne Looks To The Future After Prison Release[/article]
"I forgot about yesterday," Weezy tells MTV News about prison time.
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· 04:00 a.m. [article id="1651720"]Exclusive: Lil Wayne Thanks His Supporters At Miami Party[/article]
Wayne says 'words can't explain' how good it felt to return to the stage on Saturday.
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· 09:30 p.m. [article id="1651715"]Lil Wayne Welcomed Back With Miami Bash[/article]
Recently released rapper's friends and family converge Sunday in celebration.

· 08:50 p.m. [article id="1651716"]Drake Expects To Record With Lil Wayne Soon[/article]
'I would be super surprised if I didn't get a phone call saying, 'Let's go to the studio,' ' Drizzy says.

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· 01:06 p.m. [article id="1651693"]Drake Reveals Even He Was Surprised By Lil Wayne's Appearance[/article]
'Everybody around me was just playin' me, including Wayne,' MC admits.

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· 01:30 a.m. [article id="1651690"]Lil Wayne Hits Stage With Drake In Las Vegas[/article]
Weezy performs with Drake for first time since prison release.
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· 10:17 p.m. Drake's Final Concert: We're Live In Las Vegas
Drake rocks Las Vegas and Lil Wayne surprises the crowd.

· 07:30 p.m. [article id="1651687"]Nicki Minaj Says Lil Wayne Is 'In Great Spirits' Post-Prison[/article]
'We couldn't have planned a better takeover,' Minaj says of Wayne coming home as she prepares to drop Pink Friday debut.

· 01:04 p.m. [article id="1651679"]Lil Wayne Gets Love From New Orleans Rap Artists[/article]
Local duo Partners-N-Crime recall when Wayne hooked them up with a free feature.

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· 12:25 p.m. Lil Wayne Tweets From New Orleans
'Live a lie. Better off dead,' the MC tweeted.


· 11:30 p.m. [article id="1651678"]Lil Wayne Attends New Orleans Hornets Game[/article]
MC snapped happily watching hometown team defeat Miami Heat after Mack Maine tells MTV News crew was gifted with courtside seats.

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· 11:05 p.m. [article id="1651677"]Lil Wayne's Arizona Attorney Breaks Down Probation[/article]
In an exclusive sit-down with MTV News, lawyer James Tilson says Weezy 'looked like he was in a very good place' on Friday.

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· 09:47 p.m. [article id="1651674"]Birdman Recalls First Post-Prison Conversation With Lil Wayne[/article]
'I love you, and let's go,' Weezy told Baby once he was freed on Thursday.

· 08:43 p.m. [article id="1651671"]Drake Recounts First Post-Prison Phone Call With Lil Wayne[/article]
On penultimate stop of his Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour, the 'Miss Me' MC whips L.A. crowd into frenzy with Wayne details.

· 09:47 p.m. [article id="1651674"]Drake Recounts First Post-Prison Phone Call With Lil Wayne[/article]
On penultimate stop of his Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour, the 'Miss Me' MC whips L.A. crowd into frenzy with Wayne details.

· 07:36 p.m. [article id="1651668"]Lil Wayne Rode Into Freedom In Maybach[/article]
Footage shows MC leaving a Queens correction department facility in luxury vehicle.

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· 06:49 p.m. [article id="1651667"]Lil Wayne Can't Drink For Three Years Under Probation[/article]
Terms of MC's probation for 2008 Arizona case were revealed on Friday.

· 06:07 p.m. [article id="1651663"]Birdman Calls Lil Wayne's Absence A 'Left Turn'[/article]
'Nicki and Drake's been able to grow,' the Cash Money boss tells MTV News of how YMCMB family rallied while Wayne was gone.

· 04:49 p.m. [article id="1651641"]Lil Wayne Arrives In Arizona[/article]
Newly freed MC heads southwest to wrap up loose ends from 2008 drug arrest.

· 03:34 p.m. [article id="1651627"]Will Lil Wayne, T.I.'s Prison Histories Prevent A Future Collabo?[/article]
Legal experts, including Wayne's lawyer, weigh in on whether the MCs' probationary statuses could prohibit a studio hook up.

· 02:14 p.m. [article id="1651617"]Lil Wayne Leaves New York City[/article]
Lil Wayne has left New York, insiders confirm, and members of his camp were seen at an airport before tweeting that they were going to New Orleans.

· 01:40 p.m. DJ Khaled Says He'll 'Be Rocking' With Lil Wayne On New LP
DJ Khaled is sure that Lil Wayne will be on his next album.

· 01:32 p.m. [article id="1651615"]Lil Wayne Will Keep Racking Up Commercial Success, Says DJ Khaled[/article]
'Ain't nobody have that impact since Tupac,' Khaled says during interview on 'RapFix Live.'

· 11:11 a.m. Producer Drew Money Has A 'Couple Things' For Lil Wayne
Nicki Minaj's 'Right Thru Me' producer talks Lil Wayne.

· 06:52 a.m. [article id="1651547"]Lil Wayne Faces Post-Prison Challenges, Expert Says[/article]
'The danger is when you have been deprived of something and then get it in excess,' psychotherapist tells MTV News.


· 08:38 p.m. [article id="1651573"]Lil Wayne Requested Beats Just Before Leaving Prison[/article]
'Mack, I need beats,' Young Money president Mack Maine recalls Wayne pleading in final Rikers Island conversation.
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· 08:24 p.m.[article id="1651575"]Lil Wayne Photo Shows MC Watching His Own Video[/article]

Weezy checks out his 'Steady Mobbin' ' clip, also featuring Gucci Mane, for the first time in latest post-prison picture.

· 07:24 p.m. [article id="1651570"]Lil Wayne Is 'New And Improved' Post-Prison, Mack Maine Says[/article]
Young Money chief breaks down ways Weezy has changed in jail on "RapFix Live."

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· 07:00 p.m. DJ Scoob Doo Explains Origin of Lil Wayne's 'Nino Brown' DVDs
Lil Wayne's videographer explains how 'Nino Brown' originated.

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· 06:09 p.m. Fans, Celebrities React To Lil Wayne's Prison Release
Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes and more react to Lil Wayne's prison release.

· 03:32 p.m. [article id="1651542"]Lil Wayne Photo Shows MC Tweeting After Prison Release[/article]

'aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmm baaaaakkkkkkkkkk,' he writes to his followers.

· 01:52 p.m. [article id="1651528"]Lil Wayne Label Chief Mack Maine Details First 72 Hours of Freedom[/article]
Young Money president speaks on Wayne's stops in Arizona, Las Vegas and Miami following his release from prison Thursday morning.

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· 11:33 a.m. [article id="1651509"]Lil Wayne Photo Emerges As Young Money Reacts To Release[/article]

Young Money insiders post photos of Wayne leaving Rikers, tweet about his freedom.

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· 08:46 a.m. [article id="1651483"]Lil Wayne Released From Prison[/article]

Weezy left New York's Rikers Island on Thursday after serving eight months of a year-long sentence.

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· 06:04 a.m. [article id="1651495"]Lil Wayne Fans Willing To Wait All Night For Prison Release[/article]

'I'm here until ... he gets out,' one die-hard tells MTV News.

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· 04:48 a.m. [article id="1651494"]Lil Wayne's Prison Release Delayed[/article]

Guard tells MTV News the MC's time was 'miscalculated' and he won't be released Thursday morning.

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· 12:06 a.m. Live Blog: Lil Wayne's Prison Release

RapFix is continuing our up-to-the-minute coverage of Lil Wayne's release from Rikers Island.


· 11:03 p.m. [article id="1651489"]Lil Wayne To Celebrate Homecoming With Miami Bash[/article]

Newly freed MC will hang with family then live it up at King of Diamonds strip club.

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· 8:53 p.m. [article id="1651488"]Lil Wayne 'Didn't Want Any Problems' Behind Bars[/article]

A Rikers Island source tells MTV News an often 'demure' Wayne welcomed visitors including Nicki Minaj, Diddy and Birdman.

· 8:10 p.m. [article id="1651486"]Lil Wayne's Rocky Road From Tour-Bus Arrest To Rikers Release[/article]

Take a look back at Weezy's ups and downs since the night of his Beacon Theatre show in 2007.

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· 7:25 p.m. [article id="1651485"]Lil Wayne To Be Released From Prison Early Thursday, Drake Says[/article]

'Between the hours of 1 - 2am ...WEEZY IS COMING HOME,' Drizzy tweets.

· 6:02 p.m. [article id="1651478"]Lil Wayne's Crew To Talk Prison Release On 'RapFix Live'[/article]

On the next "RapFix Live," Sway will focus on Lil Wayne's prison release, even chatting with members of the Cash Money/ Young Money family, Thursday at 4 p.m. ET.

· 2:47 p.m. [article id="1651434"]Lil Wayne's Daughter Wants Homecoming Party With Siblings[/article]

Weezy's ex-wife, Antonia "Toya" Carter, talks about the family's post-prison plans, including a party with all of Wayne's kids and their mothers.

· 11:23 a.m.: [article id="1651409"]Bill Clinton Comments On Lil Wayne's Prison Release[/article] 'This guy's smart. And he's got a new chance now,' former president says.

· 9:00 a.m.: [article id="1651387"]Lil Wayne's Final Day In Prison: What Will It Be Like?[/article] Our Rikers Island source walks MTV News through Weezy's release process.

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· 3:18 p.m.: [article id="1651345"]Lil Wayne Has Another Legal Issue To Address Post-Prison[/article] Wayne will be a free man, but he still has one last legal matter to attend to in Arizona.

· 3:08 p.m.: [article id="1651344"]Lil Wayne's Bloggers Say Fan Site Kept Him Positive[/article] webmasters Karen Civil and Karla Moy helped Lil Wayne stay in touch with his fans while he was away.

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· 11:01 a.m.: [article id="1651316"]Lil Wayne Posts Last Letter To Fans Before Prison Release[/article] Before leaving Rikers Island, a grateful Wayne pens a final salute to his fans, expressing his thanks and extending his prayers to them.

· 9:00 a.m.: 10 Things Lil Wayne Accomplished Behind Bars

It's only been eight months, but it seems like Lil Wayne has been in prison for a long time, doesn't it?


· 12:25 p.m.: [article id="1651212"]Eminem Looks Forward To Lil Wayne's Prison Release[/article] The Detroit lyricist is among the Wayne admirers wondering what Weezy's next move will be.

· 11:00 a.m.: Lil Wayne's Almost Home: 8 Things He Missed in 2010

When Inmate #02616544L hits the streets to reclaim his position as the best rapper alive we have a tip sheet for him to catch up on what he's missed.

· 8:31 a.m.: [article id="1651174"]Drake Teases Lil Wayne Concert Appearance[/article] Where in the world will Lil Wayne show up first after his release? Young Money soldier Drake has an idea ...

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