Rihanna Was 'Shocked' Eminem Wanted To Work With Her

'What? Eminem wants to do a song with a pop artist? With me?' singer recalls thinking when offered 'Love the Way You Lie.'

It's less than two weeks until Rihanna releases Loud, which will feature Eminem on the sequel to their smash "Love the Way You Lie." But when Rihanna initially found out that Em wanted to feature her on his Recovery album, she was "shocked."

"That's the first thing I thought. I was like, 'What? Eminem wants to do a song with a pop artist? With me?' 'Cause, you know, he always raps and talks sh-- about pop artists and pop female artists," she told MTV News. "So it was more of a shock to me than anything, and then that was the first thought. The second thought was, 'Of course I'll do a song with Eminem.' That's just something that doesn't come around every day. And then thirdly, I heard the song, and I just loved it."

She might have loved it from the second she heard it, "but I didn't know how intense the song would be to people," she continued. "I didn't know. I didn't expect them to connect with that song the way they did. It was incredible to see."

Rihanna said her fans' passion for the song made her have even a stronger connection to it. "They got really emotional, and you automatically connect, because now you both have in common [something] that you wouldn't have been able to know if you didn't have this song to bridge that," she said. "This song, it gave a voice to victims, but what I really enjoy about this song is not only how cleverly written it is ... but the fact that [Eminem] confronts himself on this record is the biggest thing for me."

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