Demi Lovato Has Discussed Rumors, Body Issues In Past Interviews

The teen singer/actress has opened up previously to MTV News about dealing with public scrutiny.

Since news broke late Monday night that Demi Lovato had left her tour with the Jonas Brothers to seek treatment for "emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time," her fans have been coming to the singer/actress' side sending well-wishes to the "Camp Rock" star.

Lovato has always been open with her personal struggles with bullies, as well as with her own body issues and the constant scrutiny her life is under as a celebrity. "When I was younger I used to struggle from always feeling insecure about my body ... because I wasn't as skinny as Paris Hilton or as thin as some girls. I have a normal body type, and when I started getting older and doing more red carpets I would look to Kim Kardashian because she has the curves," she explained to MTV News this summer about why Kardashian was a role model to her. "I feel healthy, and I feel like I look great."

While Lovato hasn't commented about the speculation over why she's seeking treatment, she always has maintained that she tries to brush off rumors as best as possible. In a June 2009 interview with us, Lovato addressed having her life under constant scrutiny.

"I try not to listen to rumors," she said. "Rumors are stupid. They're not true. I mean, of course you get stuff like that all the time. You read it online, and you're just like, 'Why did they even make that up?' But, I mean, I don't really remember them, 'cause they're not important to me."

But there is one person Lovato wishes people would stop writing about: her little sister and "Desperate Housewives" actress Madison De La Garza. "She's great. She's a beautiful little girl, and she asks me for advice sometimes," Demi said. "She's gotten her little taste of haters online and things like that, and just teaching her how to deal with it has actually gotten us closer."

Regardless of Lovato's current issues, the singer/actress always has tried to send a positive message to her fans. It was a message she was quick to include in the video for her song "Remember December." As Demi explained, the clip was "all about being fierce and kind of, like, taking control as a girl. It's like girl empowerment. Yeah, divas!"

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