Young Chris, DJ Drama, DJ Don Cannon Give Philly A Re-Introduction

Rico Love orchestrates Young Chris' 'pre-album,' representing the 215.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: The Re-Introduction, hosted by DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon

Headliner: Young Chris

Key Cameos: Freeway, among others

Essential Info: All Philly everything on this one. DJs Drama and Don Cannon are reuniting for their first mixtape project in a while for former Roc-A-Fella young gunner Young Chris. The 215 trio came together at the request of Rico Love (Usher, Beyoncé), the songwriter who inked Chris to a deal through his new joint venture with Universal/Motown, Division 1.

"I said [to Drama], 'Look, Cannon is our man, you're our man. How about y'all get together and host the mixtape for Chris?' " Rico told Mixtape Daily. "And he said, right on the spot, 'Let's do it.' I tracked Cannon down and he said, 'It's all good, I'm with it.' So it's all Phllly, and DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon are back together."

"That's big, man," Chris said.

"Turn the Lights On," "Break a Bitch Down," and "Philly Sh--" are all heating up the streets for Chris at the moment. The material stems from Chris and Rico's first sessions together in Miami, and the two will host the Division 1 launch party this Friday in South Beach.  

"I gave Chris a track a while ago, and I just told him to rap," Rico said. "I said, 'I want you to rap, no hook, nothing, go in.' And the first thing he said was, 'Pardon for me this reintroduction.' So I said we got to call this mixtape The Re-Introduction, and I'm making it a pre-album. As opposed to just rapping over a bunch of beats that are already out, I created new music, and I wanted to find things that complement his voice well."

Next up, the pair is set to deliver the Freeway-assisted "Street Secrets" and a remix to "Philly Sh--," featuring MCs from around the country.

The Young Gunz alum will drop the mixtape on November 20 with a party in Philly. Then he and Rico will hole up in the studio to work on his debut.

"He's one of the great ones; I'll put a million on the kid," Rico said. "For years, people were watching him, everybody wanted to be on Roc-A-Fella. So to be able to have that position and maintain that youth and flyness, that's exciting."

"I been waiting for five years, I done ran through a lot of budgets," Chris said. "It had to be right. I passed on a lot of other opportunities, but I'm blessed for this one. I'm excited."

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