50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Spotted Together In Malibu

The rapper and the comedian reportedly had lunch, then drove off in Fiddy's Rolls.

So, are they or aren't they? A new photo has surfaced of 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler hanging together in Malibu, California, sparking more interest about whether or not the rap star and the comedian are dating.

The photo, which was taken on Sunday, catches the pair looking rather comfortable with each other. Handler is wearing a striped boat-neck tee and fedora while Fiddy is by her side in a black sweater and cap. It's being reported that the twosome dined together for lunch and then drove off in his Rolls Royce.

The last time we checked in on the duo, Handler was adamant that nothing romantic was going on between her and the rapper, while 50 was taking a coyer stance about the whole thing. "I'm not gonna answer that question!" he joked in a recent E! interview. He then added, "No, I'm not dating her," before admitting, "Yeah I did send her flowers [after the VMAs] ... why not?"

Meanwhile, Handler has always been clear about what the two have been up to ever since they were spotted getting cozy in New Orleans earlier this fall. "I'm not banging ... I'm not banging," Handler insisted on her E! show, "Chelsea Lately." "He wasn't singing to me," she added. "He was singing and I saw it ... When I have something to say, I will say it on this show. There's nothing to talk about. Seriously."

Back in early October, Handler tweeted about the gossip, claiming that she and Fiddy had only gotten together to discuss a film project. "Everyone, calm down," she wrote. "I met with Mr. Cent about a potential project. There's nothing to report yet, I'll let you know if there is."

Regardless of their current romantic status, the rapper also has reported that he and Chandler have been speaking about the movie business. "We actually was talking about a film project," he told E!. "She's working on a movie now with [director] McG [called 'This Means War']. And we spoke, you know, so, because I just did the Lionsgate deal, I've been sitting with different people talking about film projects ... I think she's amazing."

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