Miley Cyrus, Kevin Zegers Have Otherworldly Affair In 'The Big Bang' Video

Cyrus and Zegers play star-crossed lovers in the Rock Mafia music video.

Miley Cyrus and Kevin Zegers are caught up in a ghostly love affair in the video for "The Big Bang," the new single by frequent Cyrus collaborator Rock Mafia. The clip for the soul-tinged track stars Cyrus and Zegers as two lovebirds who have been torn apart by a terrible accident.

Or have they?

"The video is unique and, honestly, was a life-changing experience," Cyrus told E! Online. The clip certainly is unique, with flashes between memory and reality and surreality.

The video opens with Zegers sketching a picture of a graveyard. Cyrus whispers, "Kevin, do you miss me?" And Zegers' mind flashes to a memory of the two together.

Then a car, seemingly driven by Cyrus, drives past him and he's brought back to another memory of the two in a car on a sunny day during happier times. But the audience is abruptly brought back to Zegers' reality when he sees Cyrus' car hit by a truck as she pulls it out of a parking garage. (In June, Zegers told MTV News that his character was an employee of the garage.)

Zegers rushes to the scene of the accident — only to see that no one is in the car, and that Cyrus (or her ghost) is running away from the crash. They lock eyes, which conjures a memory of the two taking snapshots on the beach.

We're then transported back to reality as he chases down his Miley figment, and the two walk hand in hand until he kisses her. More memories flash, and Zegers sees Cyrus everywhere. Is she real? Is she even alive? Is Kevin wishing he still had his love? The video ends with a shot of a camera displaying a photo of the pair — but Cyrus' image fades out, leaving Zegers alone.

Back in June, Zegers told MTV about some of the clip's specifics. "[My character is] a parking attendant and he sees Miley's character drive by and he sort of goes into a dream sequence, which is a majority of the video," he said. "And then something dramatic happens at the end. It's not all the making out, but there's a car accident at the end. So there were a lot of stunts."

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