Temper Trap Tap DJs For Conditions Remixed

Australian band recruits Alan Wilkis, Rollo, Sister Bliss, Peter, Bjorn and John and more for remixes, including 'Sweet Disposition,' on new LP.

In order to quench the thirst for new material, Australia's the Temper Trap released a new album of sorts on Tuesday (November 2). Conditions Remixed is a reworked version of their 2009 LP, Conditions, which was propelled by their smash single "Sweet Disposition."

The single itself was a bit of an anomaly. In an Internet age when most rock tunes fail to maintain their hold on the masses, "Sweet Disposition" generated the kind of attention only a few bands, like Kings of Leon ("Use Somebody") and Phoenix ("1901"), experience these days.

And if you ask the guys in the Temper Trap, they'll tell you they're equally surprised by the song's extended shelf life.

"I think that when we first wrote the song and recorded it, I don't think we ever expected it to last as long as it seems to have," guitarist Lorenzo Sillitto told MTV News before the band's acoustic gig at the 98.7 FM Penthouse at the historic Hollywood Tower‬. "I don't know how long ago we would have written it, probably almost three years ago. So yeah, to think that three years on and people are still discovering the song is quite amazing."

As the story goes with many of these unexpected hits, the song came by chance at the tail end of the band's songwriting process.

"It was kind of by accident. I came across the riff and I took it into the studio and these guys just came together pretty instantly when we started playing it," Sillitto explained. "And it was probably one of the shortest, like quickest, songs that we'd written on the album, so it was pretty special."

Now the specialness of "Sweet Disposition" has been given the remix treatment, along with other gems from Conditions. The idea came to the band after they heard (and liked) how producers and DJs were reinterpreting Temper Trap singles.

"We kind of pieced together from the ones that had been singles and kind of put the word out and [saw] who came back and had some lists of people that we wanted to work with," drummer Toby Dundas said. "You know there's people like Rollo and Sister Bliss from Faithless on there; Alan Wilkis, a New York guy, did a great remix of 'Sweet Disposition.' But the songs that kind of came up the most were kind of by more unknown people — a guy called BretonLABS out of South London; an American dude, Penguin Prison, who did a remix of 'Resurrection' — those are the two that really stand out for me.

For those dying to hear fresh material, beyond Conditions Remixed, the Temper Trap say they'll begin work on a new album in February, but they're already playing some spanking-new songs on the road. The band hopes to release the next album in late 2011. In the meantime, fans can listen to a full stream of Conditions Remixed on the group's website.

Which Temper Trap song are you most excited to hear a remix of? Tell us in the comments!