Deadmau5 Recruits Sofi Toufa For 'Sofi Needs A Ladder'

First single off the producer's compilation 4x4=12 dropped Sunday.

Despite his numerically enhanced stage name, math isn't quite the strongest subject for 2010 VMA house artist deadmau5, who released the first bomb from his highly anticipated compilation album 4x4=12 on Sunday.

"My math sucks," the producer told MTV News. "I was talking on Ustream, and I was trying to explain to people about my setup, and I was like, 'Yeah, it's in four banks of four, and that equals 16,' and they were like, 'Dude, that's 12'! Everyone started saying it over and over again, and it just caught on."

Erroneous arithmetic aside, deadmau5 is hoping for big numbers from the album's debut single, "Sofi Needs a Ladder," which hit iTunes on Sunday and Beatport on Monday (November 1).

Starting with a chaotic, white-noise intro, the song builds with the wobbly electro stutter of a synth, an anthemic snare beat and then a thumping sinister hook with chest-crushing base. The intoxicating female vocals are courtesy of Sofia "Sofi" Toufa, who just happens to be the girlfriend of deadmau5's best pal and partner in mischief Tommy Lee.

"We're just a little family, I guess, so when I'm out in L.A., I'm living there and working with them and just hanging out basically, and it just so happens, she can sing a note!" Mau5 said of the collaboration with Sofi. "I asked her if she wanted to do vocals in the track, and she obliged, and I've done a number with her now."

Deadmau5 doesn't want his fans to just sit back and enjoy his new tune. He's also teamed up with Beatport to hold a remix contest. Whoever puts the best spin on his original will not only score a slew of goodies, but will also get to open for the man himself at an upcoming show.

"There a lot of kids who are very talented and want to do these remixes anyway, and upload them on to YouTube, and all that stuff," Mau5 explained. "But a lot of the really good ones don't get the recognition they deserve. So, might as well make it official; do a contest, have them open up at a show with it and do his own little set, and that's awesome."

The second 4x4=12 track featuring Sofi, "One Trick Pony," will be released in early December when the full album hits shelves. Until then, the producer said he'll release a new song each week for the next four weeks, including the piano-laced dub-step experiment "Raise Your Weapon" and the siren-infused electro house banger "Bad Selection."

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