'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Is 'Happy' She Did Season Two

'To be honest with you, I would be fine with being their friend,' Angelina tells MTV News of 'Shore' castmates.

During the first season of "Jersey Shore," Angelina Pivarnick made an abrupt and early exit from the hard-partying reality show. Angelina returned for the show's second season, in Miami, but unfortunately things didn't pan out much better for the Staten Island native. Nonetheless, she has no regrets.

"I'm the type of person, I can never live in regret," the reality star told MTV News last week. "I did what I did. I went back on the second season. I'm happy I went back."

Angelina, who chose to leave the gang behind after nonstop bickering with her roommates, said she's moved on now and wants to make peace with the crew.

"If I ran into one of them, I wouldn't be mean. I wouldn't say anything wrong, like anything nasty to them. I want to be an adult basically so I would just say, 'You know what? Let's put this all behind us,' " she explained. "To be honest with you, I would be fine with being their friend. I'm really not a bad person. I mean, obviously, if I've had friends since I was 2 years old and they're still in my life and I'm 24 years old, [then] I have to be actually a decent person."

During the course of season two, Angelina landed a drunken slap on Pauly D and got into a massive fight with Snooki, but Angelina said she initially wanted "to come together and have this big discussion" in order to make amends with her "Shore" co-stars. But with the entire cast pitted against her from the start, according to Angelina, she never got the chance.

Pivarnick explained that viewers also never got the chance to see her trying to make good with her castmates by helping out around the house in Miami.

"They didn't show me cleaning the house after the Jenni and Sammi fight. I cleaned the whole entire kitchen. I swept the floor. I cleaned the dishes. They didn't show any of that. They basically didn't show any of me being neat or anything like that. It was always me being a mess."

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