Britney Spears Producer Dr. Luke Calls Singer 'An Amazing Vehicle'

Album's co-executive producer expects new album out by early 2011.

While "Glee" was spot-on in its tribute to Britney Spears in September, it's safe to say her fans are ready for the real deal. The pop princess, who has remained relatively low-key since wrapping up her Circus Tour, is currently working on her new album with a few familiar faces, including producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

"She's such an icon, I don't want to let anyone down," Dr. Luke said last week at the Hollywood Reporter/ Billboard Film & TV Music Conference. "But most importantly, I want to make good music."

Luke said that he is anticipating that Britney's album will see an early 2011 release, and a source told THR it would hit stores before March 31.

In addition to Dr. Luke ("Circus") and Martin ("... Baby One More Time"), Darkchild and newcomer Billboard are also said to be working with Spears.

When asked if there were anything else he could reveal about the heavily guarded project, Luke wouldn't say much. "Just that I'm excited to be co-executive producing with Max Martin, the person who kind of invented Britney, and to make good music," he said. "And she's such an amazing vehicle to getting that music out to a lot of people in every country."

With Luke and Martin helming the project, fans may expect to hear Spears sounding like the producers' frequent collaborators Katy Perry and Ke$ha. But there have also been indications that Brit will take a fresher approach. Last month, Spears' manager Adam Leber spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her next album, promising that it will introduce a "progressive" sound from the pop star.

''It'll be a departure from what you've heard,'' he added.

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