Justin Bieber's Acoustic 'Never Say Never' Video Debuts At World Series

Short clip features Bieber singing from a baseball diamond.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist]'s new video for the acoustic version of "Never Say Never" is short and sweet. Lasting only one minute and 24 seconds, the clip, which debuted during Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday, gives fans a taste of what Bieber's forthcoming acoustic album will sound like.

Standing on a baseball diamond, Bieber is wearing a Texas Rangers jacket and a San Francisco Giants baseball hat. Footage of Bieber singing from the baseball diamond is cut with footage of the players hitting balls and hanging out in the dugout. The video shows Bieber playing some acoustic guitar as well. In the end, Bieber walks off the field, bat and guitar in hand.

The synthier version of the song, which features rapping by Jaden Smith, appeared on the "Karate Kid" soundtrack earlier this year. The video for that version features the two young stars cavorting in the studio. The title has become something of a mantra for Bieber. He's tweeted such inspiring messages as "#NeverSayNever to believing in your dreams ... u all make mine come true everyday. thank u :)" to his fans.

[movie id="461165"]"Never Say Never"[/movie] also serves as the title of Bieber's 3-D flick, out in February. "That's sort of the power of our movie: to help inspire kids to follow their dreams, and anyone really, kid or adult," director Jon Chu told MTV News. "It's been sort of a family journey of fulfilling your destiny."

And for the haters, Chu said that this film will prove that Bieber is the real deal. "The number-one thing we wanted was the honesty in this," he explained. "People have a very preconceived notion of Justin Bieber and people can think whatever they want, but we wanted to show the honest other side of Justin."