'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Promises 'More Drama' On Season Three

Vinny and Ron dress as 'Shore' roommates and dish about next season on MTV's 'The Seven.'

When "Jersey Shore" residents Ronnie and Vinny paid a visit to "The Seven," on a Halloween-themed episode of the show, they didn't have to look far for costume ideas. The fellas sauntered onto the set as trick-or-treat-ready versions of their roommates DJ Pauly D and Snooki.

Ron rocked a shellacked 'do, black tank top and headphones like record-spinning housemate Pauly, while Vinny squeezed himself into a snug gold halter and donned a high-volume wig like Snooks. When "The Seven" hosts pointed out that Vinny has smushed the real-life version of his Halloween alter ego, the Staten Island native shrugged it off, saying, "I'm pretty hot."

Both guys did admit that it's weird seeing people dressing up as the "Shore" cast for Halloween revelry, and Ronnie told fans they may have more material to draw from when season three hits screens. Ron Ron promised that the next outing will be packed with more madness then ever.

"[It's] everything you got in season one and season two, just more," he said. "More action, more drama. Makeups, breakups, hookups, smush room — everything."

Viewers will have another option for Halloween costumes next year when the newest housemate, Deena, debuts on season three. Vinny and Ron seemed confident that fans will connect with the latest addition to the "Shore" collective.

"She's fun," Vinny said. Ron was more straightforward in his assessment, adding, "[She's] better than Angelina."

Vinny also described how the "Jersey Shore" kids get down on Halloween. "We go trick-or-treating and stuff; Halloween parties." He also revealed one of his favorite parts of the holiday. "I like when the girls wear all these sexy costumes — like this," he quipped, referencing his Snooki-inspired halter dress.

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