Snoop Dogg Celebrates 'New Year's Eve' A Bit Early

New single from Doggystyle 2 is "about celebrating the anticipation of 2011," says MC.

Halloween may still be around the corner, but [artist id="1133"]Snoop Dogg[/artist] is already thinking about flipping the calendar to 2011.

The Los Angeles lyricist recently released the first number from his forthcoming album Doggystyle 2: The Doggumentary. And you can probably figure out its topic, given that it's called "New Year's Eve."

"It's about celebrating the anticipation of 2011, 'New Year's Eve,'" Snoop told MTV News while on the set of the video for Play-N-Skillz' "Things We'd Do," which features the rapper. "You know how everyone looks at the clock at 11:59 and counts it down? You want to be in a celebratory mode and this is the song that puts you in the right mode for that.

"I'm just jumping the gun," he continued. "I'm making it ahead of time instead of waiting until the last day of. 'Cause there's a spirit of waiting until you get to New Year's Eve, so I want to make people feel real good about a new year coming. it's a great situation and that's what the song represents. "

Last month, Snoop revealed Katy Perry would appear on Doggystyle 2.

In a Bubble Tweet message with Swizz Beatz, Snoop said that the forthcoming album will serve as a sequel to his seminal debut Doggystyle, and that he and Swizz had worked on 18 tracks together already.

"Man, this is big Snoop Dogg coming to you live from the studio somewhere," Snoop said in the clip. "With Swizzle, and he just laced my boots up for my new record. He gave me some gangster sh--, some Crip sh--, some R&B sh--, some hip-hop sh--, some hard sh--, some mean sh--."

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