Rihanna Teases 'Saturday Night Live' Skit

'I'm excited to perform, but definitely excited to do another digital short,' she tells MTV News.

Last December, Rihanna appeared in an Emmy-nominated "Saturday Night Live" sketch. This week, the Loud singer will return to the "SNL" stage as the night's performer, and she promised that she will appear in another digital short.

"I'm excited, of course. We're gonna do a [sketch], definitely," she told MTV News on Thursday. "I was most looking forward to that, 'cause I really enjoyed it last time. I really enjoyed, like, the whole 'SNL' experience, so I'm excited to perform, but definitely excited to do another digital short."

For those not familiar with the sketch, Rihanna visited the school of Shy Ronnie (played by Andy Samberg) and sang the hook on Ronnie's rap song. She occasionally had to tell him, in song, to "speak up" or "I'll take it from here," because Ronnie barely gets above a whisper when he raps.

The video was just a glimpse into Rihanna's acting skills, which she will certainly display on the big screen in the upcoming "Battleship" movie. She told MTV News that her recent on-set experience has made her a better actor, which she hopes to show off Saturday night, live or in a pre-taped short.

"Acting classes as well as learning from the experience of acting and filming definitely will help, because that's all acting in those skits," she said. "So, definitely, it comes in handy."

Are you looking forward to seeing Rihanna's newfound acting skills on "SNL"? Let us know in the comments!