Rihanna Gets 'Really Flirty' With Drake On 'What's My Name?'

'It feels good,' singer says of the Loud track, which will be the album's second single.

Rihanna and Drake are getting sexy with each other — at least they are on "What's My Name?", the next single from Rihanna's forthcoming album Loud.

The two superstars trade lines about seducing each other on "Name," which was originally supposed to be a solo Rihanna joint. But the chemistry on the Drake-assisted version proved to be irresistible to the singer and her team.

"'What's My Name?' is the second single," she told MTV News, "the follow-up to 'Only Girl (In The World).' And it features Drake — originally that was supposed to be the remix, but it just became something that we all loved, so we just decided to keep it."

The pair will play a happy couple in love in the song's video, which was shot in New York City. "You just see what it would be like with a young couple, like, two 20-year-olds eating Chinese food in a New York City apartment," she said. "It's really fun."

Rihanna added that the clip is in line with the "really flirty" vibe of the track.

"It's a really youthful song," she said. "It feels good. It's really flirty, but it's also really melodic. Which is why I felt that Drake was the perfect person to have on this song, 'cause he's a young rapper who has incredible melodies."

Rihanna and Drake have tried to work together in the past, but were only able to come together now. "We tried working together on Rated R, but this was the perfect song for us to do together," she said.

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