Mariah Carey Says Revealing Pregnancy 'Was A Relief'

Singer says she'll stop working after the holidays.

[artist id="976"]Mariah Carey[/artist] called into the radio show hosted by her husband, Nick Cannon, on Friday morning (October 29) to thank her friends, fans and family who have been sending an outpouring of congratulations since Carey announced on Thursday that she is pregnant. The singer laughed a lot when dishing with Cannon all about her feelings now that she's gone public with the big news.

"Right now I feel nauseous and exhausted!" she joked, adding that she shot some videos for her new Christmas album Merry Christmas II You, out Tuesday. "They weren't complete music videos, but they're gonna be cute. ... I didn't tell anybody thank you for the well wishes. I wasn't in touch with anybody at all. You've been out in the world today. I'm still insulated."

Carey, a notorious workaholic, admitted that she did have some plans to slow down once she completes press for the album. "I guess after New Year's... I guess Christmas, obviously, I got big plans," she revealed.

"Yes we do [have a lot of things to celebrate this year]."

The singer said that now that she's revealed her much-speculated-about secret, she feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. "We told the world what's going on yesterday, and then I did two videos. It was a relief," she admitted. "Today I was, like, walking around, at least everybody, I feel like it made everyone else around me a little more relaxed. I feel like they were extra super-cautious about everything, yet not because they didn't know they were allowed to be."