Kanye West Tweets Details Of Jay-Z Collabo Watch The Throne

Yeezy writes from a U.K. recording studio, calling new Jay tracks 'so modern, so hood, so club, so hip-hop... all of the above!'

[artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] is continuing his jet-setting ways (dude's frequent-flier status is downright Ryan Bingham-y at this point), as he's currently holed up in a studio outside London working on Watch the Throne, his full-length team-up with [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist].

Early Friday morning (October 29), 'Ye took to Twitter to share his excitement about the project — and, really, life in general — and gave fans an update on how the album is shaping up.

"Sitting here in the studio two hours out of London," West wrote. "It's really setting in on me that I'm actually doing a rap album with Jay-Z.

"The [beats] and raps are stuuuupid already! One song down, on to the next!" he added in another tweet. "I was in the audience at [Jay's 1999] Hard Knock Life Tour!"

Last week, West told MTV News that the initial sessions for Throne — originally planned as just a five-song EP featuring both iconic rappers — had been so productive that he decided to scoop some of the best tracks for his upcoming My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. But West added that he was so inspired by the work he'd done with Jay that the dynamic duo were going to turn Throne into a proper album, and said that he and Jay had already booked studio time in the South of France to finish work on it.

"We putting out a whole album now," West told MTV News' Sway. "We had done five [songs] so far, but then a few more of them were out there, and I put them on my album. Sorry, Jay. But we got some more, and we're going to the South of France at the end of the month to just record new ideas. But we'll probably be done with the album in a day."

In his Friday messages, West didn't mention the South of France (though we hear it's lovely this time of year), but did give a bit of information about those new songs he and Jay were working on ... which sound rather, uh, all-inclusive.

"I can never get use[d] to this!" he wrote. "This sh-- we doing is so modern, so hood, so club, so hip-hop ... all of the above!"

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