John Mayer Invokes Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers In Malaria PSA

Singer uses comedy to call attention to serious issue.

There's no better way to bring attention to a serious cause than to use some humor. That's the basic idea behind the Malaria No More campaign, which features PSAs with stars including Aziz Ansari, Ed Helms, Orlando Bloom and even John Mayer, who pokes fun at his superstar status and invokes fellow celebs like Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers and the "Twilight" cast in two humorous clips.

In one PSA, Mayer jokes about his wealth. "I'm such an overprivileged prick," the singer/songwriter says in the video, "that I get two mosquitoes in my apartment because I left the window open, and these mosquitoes are driving me crazy. Do you ever have mosquitoes that you can't find in your house? That's one f---ing mosquito, and then you spend the rest of your day complaining to your friends over $6 coffee that a mosquito bit you. I couldn't find the mosquito. That's one mosquito in your $2 million apartment, John Mayer."

The campaign seeks to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015. "Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease and recent progress shows that malaria's days are numbered — but we need your help," the website says. "Together, we can make malaria no more." It adds that "a child in Africa dies from malaria every 45 seconds — but you can help change that."

In another PSA, Mayer talks about helping children, who make up a majority of the victims of malaria deaths, and he uses some big-name celebs to bring attention to the cause.

He says, "Almost a million people every year die from malaria, and of that number 85 percent die under the age of Justin Bieber. With your help, by buying a malaria net for just $1, we can help, by the end of the year, to get these kids to Bieber. Next year we'll go Jonas Brothers; after that 'Twilight' kids, but baby steps, baby steps. Let's get them to Bieber."