'Today' Show Hosts Dress As Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber For Halloween

Segment also featured cameos from Will Ferrell and Tina Fey as their 'Megamind' characters.

This year's "Today" show Halloween segment may have been short on Matt Lauer, but the show made up for it thanks to cameos from Will Ferrell and Tina Fey as their "Megamind" characters. But even those superstars were upstaged by some crafty costumes worn by the "Today" show hosts Friday morning (October 29).

In what turned out to be one complex segment, the Halloween fun started with Lauer and Roker looking at "Megamind" footage in a pretaped segment. Then the story went a bit zany. As Roker escorted a Clark Kent-looking Lauer out of the building, Lauer used his highly sensitive hearing to sense that Fey was in trouble.

In order to become Superman, he entered a phone booth to call Ferrell's Megamind to meet up with him, and out came Roker, in Lauer's place, as Superman. Ferrell and Roker then rushed to the side of Fey (dressed as "Megamind" reporter Roxanne Ritchi) to save her and toss to an old-timey newsreel, in which Ann Curry made her entrance as Amelia Earhart, who apparently had been hiding out in 30 Rock for the better part of a century.

Once she reemerged in the modern world, Earhart said she'd noticed that a lot has changed. Like what? Well, music. With that, Natalie Morales came out playing a convincing Justin Bieber, all the way down to the dance moves during "Baby."

But it was Meredith Vieira as the "monster of all monsters," Lady Gaga, dressed in the Armani orbit gown the singer wore to the Grammy Awards earlier this year, that really upped the production value. She sang the pop star's hit "Bad Romance," complete with backup dancers.